Wow! MassTLC’s Boston TechJam was one heck of a day. After attending it last year, I had some sense of the crazy amount of fun the event would be but this year took it to the next level. With a whole new layout, bigger space, and thousands more people attending, it was a great opportunity to be there and be seen. Carbon Black definitely was!

Location, Location, Location

This year, TechJam had a new layout where exhibitors were grouped under different Boston-themed “villages” (large tents), such as the Hay Market, Baker’s Makers, Bos/Arts, and so on. We decided to secure a space in the Hay Market village which offered an open air tent and free form booths. Not only was this location in a prime spot for registration traffic and the center stage, it also was the breeziest and most covered. People generally were flocking there to enjoy a comfortable break from the hot summer day.

It was interesting to see all the different attractions people had at their booths. Some included food, like slushies, cupcakes, and hot dogs. Others included games, such as corn hole, basketball hoops, and beer pong. Other people got more creative with Sweet Paws rescue puppies, airbrush artists, and improv performers. And because it was a techie event, there was no shortage of digital games like Dance Revolution, photo booths, and short music videos. But let’s get real – it wasn’t just the great attractions at the booth, but also about the swag.

A Bustling Booth

TechJamOur booth was buzzing with activity and our swag was a hit. People were loving the stainless steel pints that were keeping their drinks nice and chilled in the heat. They also thought the slap koozies were genius. Thankfully, we had enough great people working the booth to keep the swag on the table (which was no easy feat) while manning our arcade-style basketball hoops and answering the overwhelming number of questions coming our way.

Some interesting takeaways focused on what people wanted to know about us and also HOW they knew about us. Surprisingly, a number of people recognized our company due to the signage in the Boston office located in the South Station area. In addition to that, a lot of people were interested in partnering with us, learning more about our products, or were interested working for us. With the event being open to students, there were a surprising number of technical students coming to us for internships and entry-level roles. Hopefully we can hire a number of these smart, engaged individuals.

Get Ready for Next Year!

This event was a perfect opportunity to celebrate all the innovation in Boston. People were pumped to learn more about the cool tech popping up in the area and the possible opportunities that can come from it.

It seemed like the first few hours went by in a blur but our booth was successful. We ran out of swag within the first 3 hours of the event but still had plenty of people stopping by to play some hoops or ask about us.

We capped off the night by taking breaks to visit other booths or listen to Bad Rabbits play on stage. It was the perfect event to get some exposure for our corporate brand, as well as our talent brand. We are absolutely planning to attend next year and hopefully this time bigger and better!

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