As we continue to expand globally, Carbon Black recognizes the need for top talent regardless of physical location. With nearly half of the organization sitting in remote offices or their own home offices, we have found a way to embrace diversity, which has benefited our company’s growth. New ideas, perspectives, educations, and skillsets all contribute to the continued success we’ve experienced over the last few years and have aided in the hyper growth we’ve experienced since 2014.

Carbon Black has built a culture that embraces the remote workforce. In other companies, remote workers may feel like they are excluded or are on an island. However, at Carbon Black, these employees are treated as if they were physically in the office. There is no disruption in collaboration. We hire fantastic people who are driven, work hard to communicate, and are focused on results. Pair that ambition with the tools Carbon Black provides and we’ve got ourselves a solid remote workforce that contributes to everyday success.

Who are our remote workers?

The majority of our remote workers reside in the United States, with pockets of people in specific cities such as Portland, OR and Washington, DC. Other employees are located throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as a growing number of people expanding into APAC as we continue to break into that market. We’ve recently opened small offices in Singapore and Japan to support this growth.

There are a range of roles that these individuals work in. Many are technology focused (engineering teams, threat teams, etc.), professional services, and sales. There are other roles such as marketing and recruiting that also contribute to the remote workforce.

How do our employees make remote employment work for them?

Our remote employees have managed to find their own groove to ensure they are successful. Here are some of their tips:

Communication and relationship building:

  • Make it a point to communicate as often as possible. Pick up the phone or get on the webcam rather than settling for a quick IM or email. This helps build relationships faster and provides the human touch.
  • Set alerts for Beehive (our Intranet) posts, even if it’s as simple as getting a digest every day. This can help you see what’s going on in the company and will give you an opportunity to comment. Beehive was first implemented in 2016 and has been instrumental in keeping all employees connected on the happenings at the organization. Employees are able to post updates on what they’re working on and what they’re experiencing. Leadership also uses it as a platform to share updates with the company. Regardless of what’s being shared, it’s also a wonderful way for employees to comment and communicate, making it easy for people to interact with others who they might not work with on a normal basis. Whether employees are remote or at HQ, this platform has been a great way to remove silos and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Join tiger groups or “Life at Cb” (our team dedicated to cultural events) planning groups. This is a great way to work with people cross-departmentally.

Office setup and top tools:

  • Test out different things that work for you. Some people prefer to work in a quiet space like a designated home office. Some enjoy getting out and about (such as coffee shops, library, etc.) and may benefit from investing in co-working space. Some might prefer a bit of both. Find what helps you feel comfortable and productive and stick with that.
  • Office set up is key. For engineers, having high-tech docking stations that can hold multiple monitors is necessary. For others, a stand-up desk or ergonomic chair is necessary for sitting for long hours. For individuals who work a lot with clients, having a great hands-free option and a good phone connection is required.

Organization and results:

  • Everyone organizes differently and ensuring that you have the right tools will help with productivity. Some prefer more old-school ways, such as a physical planner or whiteboard. Others go the digital route and prefer tools like Trello or Evernote. Whatever your method, be sure it keeps you on track. Since you aren’t in a physical office, making sure you’re on top of your work is important to success. It’s all about showing those results.
  • Also figure out what times work best for specific tasks. For example, maybe you are more productive with writing, coding, and presentation development in the morning and collaborate better in the afternoon. Or maybe you prefer to sort through emails before bed so you can get a leg up for the following day. Discovering this about yourself can ensure quality work more efficiently. There’s no right or wrong way for being productive. Just use your freedom to figure out what works best for you.

Team collaboration:

  • Although you are remote, you’ll be surprised how connected you are with others in the organization. As a leader, it’s important to find a way to do calls, meetings, and collaboration chats at a time that works best for everyone, especially if people are in significantly different time zones.
  • As an individual, make the effort to connect with people often but in a way that isn’t disruptive to their workflow.

Why should you consider a remote role at Carbon Black?

Carbon Black has a fantastic infrastructure to allow employees to collaborate seamlessly. From video conferencing, IM, email, Beehive, and conference rooms equipped with top-of-the-line technologies, employees never miss a moment to communicate.

On top of that, we make a conscious effort to include remote employees in cultural and everyday activities. For example, the company flies in everyone from around the world to participate in the Company Kickoff – one that we participated in earlier this month. This is just one example of how we make sure our employees are connected and feel a part of the company.

Finding a remote role at Carbon Black is simple. Check out our career site here and look for the roles that provide a remote option.