At Carbon Black, we’re challenging you to reach your potential and achieve your career aspirations. As we continue to grow and scale, we’re looking for exceptional sales professionals in all levels and disciplines to join our team and help us succeed. In turn, you have an opportunity to grow professionally and work in the hottest market out there.

Curious about our sales teams and company culture? Read our employee testimonials here:

“Our team has grown a lot but even with that growth, our culture is still great. You can go to anyone on the team and ask questions without judgment. The other thing that I like is that you have options of where you can go for your career. You aren’t limited to sales. We’ve seen people move up as managers or go into other business units such as engineering, support, marketing, and threat research. You work with so many different parts of the business as a Sales Engineer that opportunities present themselves to you.” – Stacia Tympanick, Sales Engineer

“On the culture side, we have a team that not just values individuals and their roles, but also their ideas. We love to breed ideas. Everyone should feel comfortable, no matter what level they are in, to bring in good ideas. This creates an open, transparent, and collaborative environment that has helped us innovate. This is what creates high-performing teams. Also, our team loves to have fun together. We have nights out, participate in sports leagues, etc.” – Susan An, Director of Sales Development

“I love the ‘franchise model’ that Patrick (our CEO) talks about during NEO. Essentially, you’re empowered to do your job as if it’s your own business. You set up your day-to-day how you need to and no one breathes down your neck. You aren’t micromanaged but you are responsible to hit your deadlines. This model promotes the flexible environment we have. Your managers aren’t watching the clock and counting the minutes. Just get things done and do your work well.”-  Alex Woodhouse, Talent Development Specialist (former Sales Development Representative)

You can be really autonomous here. I would hate to be micromanaged all day long and that’s part of the reason I’ve left previous employers. My manager lets me get my work done. We might connect once a week but I could call him 10 times a day if I wanted to. He’s supportive but he trusts me and empowers me.” – Tim Schippmann, Regional Account Manager

We’re all about helping each other get better. It’s definitely high energy and competitive, but a friendly competition. If you’re successful, we encourage you to share your success. This includes what telling the team what you emails you are using and what tactics on the phone are working so that others on the team can leverage that information. It is competitive but it’s also really collaborative.” – Haley McWaters, Account Manager, Inside Sales

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