When hiring new talent, Carbon Black’s team focuses on the potential of future employees and how they can grow their careers. A number of our people have come from unique backgrounds or have moved to a completely new function during their time here. It’s these diverse perspectives and personalities that have allowed our company to see things differently and get a competitive edge. At Carbon Black, we embrace career changers and all they have to offer.

Jarrod Landers, manager of inside sales, is one of our valued career changers. Coming from a background in corporate finance, Jarrod started a new career in sales at Carbon Black. In his three years here, he’s brought a lot to the table and has moved up quickly. Learn more from Jarrod below.

How Long have you Been at Carbon Black?

I was hired as a sales development representative (SDR) in January 2015. I had come here to make a career change after getting at bachelor’s, MBA, and working in corporate finance for seven years. It was a big change but I knew the training provided in SDR Program could help me successfully make that transition.

How Did you Come to the Decision to Change Careers?

After working in finance, I realized I wasn’t happy and that I needed to make a change. My personality and skillset was better suited for a role that was more extroverted and interpersonal. My father and brothers are all in sales and it got me thinking that a job in sales might be better for me.

At the time, I saw my brother started in a similar SDR program at EMC. He did well and moved up to an inside sales representative and soon after to a field rep. After seeing the opportunities that can come out of working in sales, I thought there was no good reason not to do it. I’d always find excuses to put it off, like the fact that I had a mortgage, student loans, bills, and so on. I could easily convince myself that I couldn’t afford a failure that could lead to a financial hardship. However, I was 29 years old at the time and the time to make a change was never going to get easier. I was less likely to take the chance at 40 than I was right then and I didn’t want to look back on lost opportunities.

What’s your Current Role?

With career changers like the one I made, I believe you are more determined to succeed. You’ve already spent years on one career and now you’re starting on your second one. You end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself and work very hard to make sure this change in career is successful. That mentality is part of the reason why I was able to move up in my career at Carbon Black.

I started off as an SDR and by July 2015 I was promoted to an inside sales representative. In January 2017, I was promoted to the manager of the Southeast inside sales team. It was amazing to me to see that I essentially had three roles within a two-year span.

In my current role, I manage seven inside sales reps. I help them manage their territories, train them, ramp them up, help them reach their quota, and focus on reaching my quota.

How Were You Able to Move Up at Carbon Black?

At Carbon Black, you quickly become a veteran. They train you efficiently and effectively so you can rapidly build skills you need to be successful. It’s all in what the individual wants to do from there. Some people find their passion as an individual contributor while others are looking to move into management. No matter what role you’re in, there’s always opportunities to take on more leadership beyond your day-to-day. Yes, you have to hit and exceed numbers, set yourself apart, and be a proficient sales person, but you can also build your leadership qualities through additional projects.

In my previous roles, I did a lot of mentoring for new reps. I trained on negotiation, overcoming obstacles, and so on. That naturally helped me build skills which led me to a management role. Also, with our sales floor so closely intertwined, it’s easy to put yourself out there and get visibility from the management team.

The training and mentorship found here is why I chose to work at Carbon Black. I had offers at other companies to go into similar roles but I wanted to go somewhere that would train me to be successful. My father, who has been in sales for decades, advised me that the most important thing to look for is a top-notch training program because this is the foundation you will rely on the rest of your career. The training I received at Carbon Black is truly best-in-class.

How Were You Supported as a Manager?

All the management is very collaborative. The managers on the sales floor meet once a week to discuss what they’re seeing, create a forum to identify problems and roadblocks, or highlight something that’s working well. We have the ability to share among each other and it helps us stay on the same page. If we are dealing with issues, we can figure out the solution ourselves or bubble it up to senior leadership if we need additional support. Coming together collectively like that makes it more effective. I also believe the constant communication helps keeps the sales floor closely aligned, an important task when you consider our rapid growth.

How has the Sales Team Changed?

In the three years I have been here the most glaring change has been the size of the sales team. We have recently added a new segmentation with the SMB team. This group focuses on smaller accounts while our corporate and field teams focus on larger organizations.

Each year I hear new people say that they wished they came here a year earlier because they see the significant growth that just happened. But there’s still so much room to grow with the changes being implemented each year. I don’t believe we will see this growth slow day any time soon. All these changes mean new roles, carving out new verticals, and new responsibilities emerging.

When I joined Carbon Black there were about 250 employees in the company, now we have around 1,000. This growth all starts on the backend with great engineering, support, marketing, services and many other functions that allow the sales team to sell a great product in a high growth industry.

Why do you stay at Carbon Black?

I stay here because I have seven years of prior working experience. I know what a good company looks like and I know what it feels like when you don’t want to go into work every day. It’s easy to want to believe that the grass is greener and chase money, perks, industry, and so on. But the reasons why it’s great to work here are very apparent.

Our CEO, Patrick Morley, consistently promotes a positive work environment and that trickles down to even the most entry-level employees. It’s impressive to see it. I’ve never experienced this before. I enjoy coming into work every day and I know that it is not easy to find that. I’m not ready to give that up any time soon.

I also know how what I do here affects the bottom line. I feel recognized and appreciated here and I’m in no rush to leave. I know there’s a lot of growth opportunity and I can continue move up in my career here. I’ve seen it in the three years I’ve been at Carbon Black. Maybe I won’t spend the rest of my years up to retirement here but I know that I’m valued and that I’m developing the knowledge and skillset I need to help me build my career in sales for years to come.

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