As a leader in the ever-changing, fast-paced cybersecurity industry, it’s important to keep people informed on what’s going on. Our marketing team is the driving force behind educating the market on how to stay safe from cyberattacks. Through our online community and webinars, to research reports and events, we’re working hard to share knowledge that can protect our customers.

Justin McCoubry, director of field marketing and events, shares details about his role, how the team has grown since he started, and how he grew his career at Carbon Black.

What was your Start at Carbon Black?

I was hired in 2014 as a marketing events manager. I was the second person on the marketing team to handle events and focused primarily on direct events without partner involvement.

I was originally hired to bring a unique and creative perspective to the security market. Not coming from a security background, it was exciting to me to see how I could approach this industry differently and find a way to make it exhilarating and sexy.

How Did your Role Evolve?

Within the year, I saw the amount of activities happening and the scale that our sales team was growing. I knew we needed more support and a team of two wouldn’t be enough. I went to my senior leaders and proposed building out the field marketing team so there could be one-on-one support for each region. A few months after proposing this, I was able to bring on a new team member. Then I was able to add additional members through the following years. Because of this, we were able to support sales in a way we hadn’t before. We had a main point of contact in marketing for each region, keeping them in the loop of any major initiatives and projects.

In 2015, I was promoted to the manager of our field marketing team. As the team grew, I was promoted to senior manager, and then to a director in October of 2017. With this growth, my role expanded. No longer was our team focused only on field marketing events, we were also acting as business partners for our sales team. We were going beyond picking events and making sure it was successful. We were also looking at top accounts our representatives wanted to get into and aligning our marketing goals with that so they could succeed.

How Were You Able to Move Up at Carbon Black?

I’ve always had the mindset that if you do your best work and perform at a higher level, you won’t have to ask for promotions. It will just be obvious. In 2017, our CMO started including me in conversations with people in director-level or above. It was clear to me that I was producing at the same level as many of these directors and was handling my business the same way they did. Soon I was promoted to the director level and was glad to know that Carbon Black and my managers recognized the level I was performing at and gave me the opportunity to move up.

Field marketing aside, I also try to do a little more than expected regardless of what my job description or role is. I took on side projects such as Life At Cb (our internal community to promote and enhance company culture) and various company meetings and internal events. Stepping up in my role and these other projects is something that is encouraged at Carbon Black. This inspired me to continue doing these things because I cared about the company and the people. I wanted to do awesome stuff whether it was technically my job or not.

Additionally, I also got visibility through awards at the company. I was nominated for the Cb Impact award and selected for the President’s Club MVP.

How Were You Supported in Your Growth?

“Leadership at every level” is a mission for our talent development team. As I worked in these projects, I was able to collaborate cross-functionally. I interacted with a lot of people in the company in a range of business functions. As I built those relationships and got the visibility, it helped me get the right advocates who could speak to my skills. They helped elevate me, built me up, and spoke up for me when it was time for a new opportunity. Having those relationships made a big difference.

In addition to that, I was nominated to be part of some of our internal talent development programs. I first took part in Leader Labs, which helps new managers gain skills to build and develop a team, act as a coach, and manage challenges. I then was put in our Leadership Development Program, a highly selective program to build people into global leaders. At the time, I was still a senior manager and many of the people in this program were director or above so I felt a little out of my element. But I think that helped me learn a lot.

Why Do You Stay at Carbon Black?

The biggest driver is the people. I really enjoy the team that I’ve been working with and building. They’re great people and all motivated to build something great. Even with no security experience, I’ve become passionate about what we’re building here and love being a part of that mission. The passion here can be found all throughout the organization which can be motivating to see.

Carbon Black also offers a flexible work environment. I have a lot of passion projects outside of work and the flexibility here lets me still participate in these things. These projects also help me bring something back to the workplace. For example, my involvement in theater is like one big event. The exposure to that helps me bring creativity to the events and programs I run here.

It’s also exciting to be at a company with so much growth and momentum behind it. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown in the time that I’ve been here and the opportunities that came out of it.

Lastly, I appreciate the opportunities that I’ve been given. Our company and managers reward and recognize their employees and I think this recognition and the promotions that came with it gave me momentum to keep working hard.

Why Would Someone be Excited to Work Here?

We’re a rapidly growing company and there’s still a lot to be done and be shaped. If someone wants to make an impact and grow excellence on the marketing team, there’s an opportunity to do that. We’re getting more sophisticated in how we report, analyze and message. There’s a lot of testing, iterating, and change that you can be a part of.

Also, beyond our experienced leaders on the team, we have a lot of amazing up-and-coming rock stars. You’ll be working with great, smart, and passionate people here.

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