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At Carbon Black we provide extensive learning and development opportunities for those breaking into their careers. Whether you’re looking for an internship or your first full-time job, we provide you with a culture that is supportive, inclusive and fun.

The cyber-security industry is growing at lightning-fast speed, presenting new challenges and opportunities for people working in this space. With roles across our various product and business lines, you’ll be given projects that matter and will build lifelong skills. Here, our team members are accessible to ask questions of, learn from, and collaborate with. You’ll have a voice at Carbon Black and don’t be surprised if you’re given the freedom to run with one of your great ideas.

Our Campus Program was designed to give talented people like you the opportunity to flourish and differentiate yourself. We not only have countless career development opportunities, but also great social activities that balance hard work with having a blast.

Show us what you’re made of! Build your career at Carbon Black.

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Intern Spotlight

Peter Hargrave Intern at Carbon Black

Peter Hargrave
Product Marketing Intern

Name: Peter Hargrave
School: Clarkson University
Degree: Business Studies
Hometown: Westford, Mass.
Dept and Role: Product Marketing Intern

This is your 3rd summer with Carbon Black, what keeps you coming back?
I keep coming back to Carbon Black because of the people and the environment. I’ve really enjoyed all of the people I’ve worked with here and the fun yet hardworking atmosphere makes it a great place to work.

What are you most excited about doing this summer?
I’m most excited about getting exposure to marketing which is a new space for me.

What’s a food you could eat all the time and never get sick of?
I’m a big fan of Italian food and penne vodka is my favorite , so I’d say I could never get sick of it.

Do you have any hidden talents?
As far as hidden talents go I’d say I’m quite good at FIFA.