IT Security & Threat Intelligence.

Predicting the changing cybersecurity landscape.

Our products wouldn’t be as successful if it weren’t for the talented people behind them. Our Threat Intelligence experts are the cornerstone for creating products and solutions for our customers. Our researchers and threat intel engineers are analyzing data and detecting threats to build our cloud-based service. We’re getting in front of attacks through deep investigations and skillful forecasts.

Anticipating new attacks is serious business but this team still knows how to keep it light. With employees sitting onsite as well as many remote workers, our team’s passion, enthusiasm and collaboration has built a fun sense of camaraderie. Aside from working with sensational people, you’ll have a chance to work on some even cooler projects.

For the research side, we’re looking for people who love to tinker. If you like to break things apart, dig deep into binary executables, figure out finite malware, and reverse engineer things, then this is the gig for you. On the engineering side, you’ll build the code that delivers data and puts all this research into motion. Essentially, the Threat Intelligence team gets to play with things that are brand new to the world.

Do you want to lead the charge against attackers? Check out our Threat Intelligence opportunities today!

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